Manual Air Pump for Paddleboards, Floating Platforms and Kayaks, Double Action Pump, High Pressure, High Volume

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Manual air pump for high pressure inflatables.

Designed to work with fit the following products.

  • Elkton Outdoors Steelhead (ELK-IFKE-T and ELK-IFKE)
  • Driftsun Rover (DS-RIK-120 and DS-RIK-220)
  • Driftsun Spearhead (DS-ISUP-SHS and DS-ISUP-SHC)
  • Driftsun Balance (DS-ISUP-BL and DS-ISUP-BLL)
  • Driftsun Orka, uses two valves (DS-ISUP-OR and DS-ISUP-OR-TEAL)
  • Driftsun Cruiser (DS-ISUP-CRU)
  • Driftsun Barge (DS-ISUP-BG-TAN and DS-ISUP-BG-TEAL)
  • Driftsun Explorer (DS-ISUP-EX and DS-ISUP-EXP)
  • Driftsun Racing (DS-ISUP-RAC-Y and DS-ISUP-RAC-R)
  • Elkton Outdoors Grebe (ELK-IPBG)
  • Driftsun Mesa Dock (DS-MD-8, DS-MD-6, DS-MD-10, and DS-MD-OS)
  • Driftsun Asana (DS-FYM, DS-FAYM-7, and DS-FAYM-8)
  • Driftsun Whip Pad & Game Pad (DS-FGM-10, DS-FGM-13, DS-WP-12, and DS-WP-15)
Mako Inflatable Bodyboard (DS-MBD-BLUE and DS-MBD-GRN)