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Fish better – even in rough waters. The Elkton Outdoors Inflatable Steelhead Fishing kayak is made to give you optimum fishing experience. Made specially to aid anglers get a good catch, this two-seater kayak has a solid drop stitch floor so riders can stand and cast. This floor design and construction allow you to position yourself for better bait-casting without worrying about losing your balance. The floor also features a self-bailing system — with well-positioned ports all over the kayak floor to drain out excessive water. Thanks to this design, riders can safely paddle through rough waters without having to manually bail out water that splashes into the kayak.
Whether you are a professional or recreational angler, the Steelhead kayak will be a trusty fishing partner for you. It is designed with two padded high-back seats, so you stay comfortable while waiting for your catch. It is equipped with universal hard mounting points and bungee storage so that you can keep your essentials handy! Attach your fishing rods, rod holders, fish finders, or camera to the mounts so you don’t miss any action! The package also comes with the removable fin and two paddles so riders can cut or glide into the right direction with ease.
Its 1000D reinforced PVC construction means this Elkton Outdoors creation has layers of protection against rough paddling conditions and whitewater obstacles such as logs and rocks. The Steelhead is designed with a long waterline and two skegs for long, smooth glides and sharper tracking.
Despite its toughness and durability, the Steelhead kayak is incredibly portable! It comes with a trusty dual-action hand pump so you can get it up and ready in a few minutes. Deflate it just as easily and store it in the inclusive travel backpack. This easy inflation and deflation system makes it ready for your fishing adventures anytime, anywhere.