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All In One Pastry Board.
Whether you�re a professional baker or a beginner, Zelancio offers you a great and functional work surface for your next baking story! Whether you�re into kneading bread dough, rolling out pie dough, making pizza and working on your next confectionery, Zelancio�s Wooden Pastry Board is the best partner in producing your desired pastry piece.

This reversible board functions in su ch a way that one side can be used for work with dough to keep it smooth all the time and the other side as a cutting board. The front surface has measurement markings ready to assist you in making pie crusts, phyllo dough, biscuits and more in the proper size you desire! Also for your convenience, it has lips on the sides to keep the board in place and make sure it will not slip around while working, plus the front lip acts as a backsplash to keep loose flour or stray pieces of dough on the board. This makes a perfect gift idea especially to those who are into baking.

Clean your board as soon as you�re done with it to avoid bacteria and mold build up. Never run board through the dishwasher or let it soak in water. Use warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap to remove oily residues. Immediately dry the board with a dry towel. Let the board air dry before storing.