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  • Two Piece Paddle - Breaks down into two pieces for easy storage and transport. When disassembled each piece is only 45 inches. Blade angle is adjustable between 0 and 60 degrees in either direction.
  • Drop Catchers - No more wet arms. Each blade has a small notch and drip catchers on either side to keep water from running down the shaft.
  • Light Weight Design, 90in. Long- The paddles are designed for padders of all skill levels. Perfect for recreational, fishing, or touring trips. 90 inches long, and only weighs 2lbs (0.9 kg)
  • Quality Materials - Aluminum Alloy Shaft and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Blades. Super strong construction and corrosion resistance means your paddle will last years.
  • One Year Warranty - Have any issue with the paddle? We’ve got you covered with our no-questions-asked warranty and a 30 day return policy.

Designed for paddlers of all levels, the Driftsun Kayak Paddles are highly functional yet easy to use. Expect solid performance whether you take out the paddles for fishing, recreational, or touring trips.

The 2-piece paddle measures 90 inches/230CM and weighs only 2 LBS (0.9 kg). The two piece design makes it possible to take the paddle apart for easy storage and transport. The shaft made of hollow aluminum tube and the blades are made from a fiber reinforced plastic. The properties of these materials provides corrosion resistance and a long life. 

The paddle Includes notches on the blades drip rings on the shaft to keep water from running down the shaft and your arms. The blades are adjustable between 0 and 60 degrees to fit your paddling style.